Cardiovascular Diseases


Great Plano Cardiovascular Doctor for a Healthier Heart

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading contributors of deaths worldwide. If you are suffering from any disease of the heart or arteries, we urge you to take the proper medical steps to get your condition under control. And, here at Medical Associates of Plano we can help you.

To help you reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke, our Board-Certified team of Family and Geriatric Physicians will keep you and your Cardiovascular disease, or atherosclerosis, under very close watch. We offer the latest testing equipment, prescription drug treatments and other effective methods of making you better. And, unlike a hospital or specialist’s office, we can treat you with all the personalized attention you deserve at much more affordable rates.

We are located conveniently near Plano Medical Center with ample parking. We offer same-day appointments, and our friendly, well-trained staff is always happy to assist you in every step of managing your cardiovascular disease. So, if you or a family member requires cardiovascular care, please make an appointment with us today.

Our Cardiovascular Disease Management Services Include:

  • Blood Testing
  • EKGs
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Prescription Drug Treatment
  • Diet and Lifestyle Management

Decrease Your Chances of Cardiovascular Disease by Increasing Your Health!

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