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Highly Experienced in High-Cholesterol Management

Do you have high cholesterol? The presence of too much of the fatty substance in your blood can put you at risk for serious cardiovascular problems ranging from stroke and heart attack, to heart disease and more. High cholesterol is related to several contributing factors, including diet, increased body fat, genetic factors or the presence of other health complications like diabetes or an under-active thyroid.

Sounds scary right? The good news is that you can get expert help for your chronic high cholesterol right here in Plano. At, Medical Associates of Plano, you’ll find friendly, compassionate physicians Board-Certified in Family and Geriatric Medicine. This means we are trained and experienced in managing many forms of chronic diseases, including high cholesterol.

Located near Plano Medical Center, our newly-upgraded office is set up to provide you and your entire family with the kind of personalized and expert healthcare you demand and deserve. Thanks to our friendly, well-trained staff, excellent doctors and advanced electronic records-keeping system, we are extremely well-equipped to manage your every need. So, please contact us today, and let us get to work getting your high cholesterol under control.

Our High Cholesterol Management Services Include:

  • Blood Testing
  • Prescription Drugs Treatment
  • Diet and Lifestyle Management

You Better Think Twice About Your Heart – For You and Your Loved Ones!

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