Geriatric Care


Advanced Medical Attention & Care for Seniors

Whether you have elderly family members who need medical attention, or you are enjoying your golden years, yourself, the Geriatric experts at Medical Associates of Plano are here for you.

America is growing older at an unprecedented rate. The number of people 65 and older is larger than ever before, and those 85 and older constitute the fastest growing segment of the population. That’s why our lead physician, Sunila Philips, MD, is a board certified Geriatrician who specializes in catering to the health care needs of our aging Plano area patients. She is trained with the special knowledge and skills to provide high quality health care that older adults require.

We are here to assist our older patients with compassionate, personalized attention to general medical needs as well as any geriatric specific conditions they might be facing. At Medical Associates or Plano, we’re to help all of our patients enjoy life to the fullest, while staying as healthy as possible. And, for those patients who are dealing with illnesses or health complications, we strive to make life simpler by providing the best possible medical care and the friendliest customer service. We invite you to make an appointment right away!

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