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Your ears, nose, throat, sinuses and even your eyes are all connected to a single system. And, that system can be complicated. If you develop an infection in any one area, other parts of your head and face can be affected. And, if left untreated these infections can sometimes progress into very serious illnesses that can affect your entire body.

Here at Medical Associates of Plano, our Board Certified Family and Geriatric Physicians can help you and your whole family with medical complications concerning the ears, throat, eyes, and sinuses. From ear aches to pink eye to painful sinus infections, to problems with your tonsils and more, we’re here to diagnose you accurately and effectively.

Remember, making you feel better fast is our mission. So, if you think you or a loved one has an infection come see us right away. We can accommodate same day appointments, and our Urgent Care Team is available for walk-ins X days a week.

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