Immunotherapy Lab


Immunotherapy Lab

Medical Associates of Plano, Texas offer patients’ customized immunotherapy. Once a certified allergist conducts allergy test (50 different allergens are skin tested) and if patient turns positive for allergens then immunotherapy offers long term solution and possible cure.

Immunotherapy is the process in which the allergist injects small doses of allergens into the body for which a patient is allergic. The medications are approved by the FDA. Immunotherapy is a one year treatment which helps the body to get used to the allergens in small doses over an extended period. At first the shots are given once a week for three weeks at the lab. This is the time when the allergist train patients to self- administer the injections. This offers patient convenience without having to commit coming to the allergy lab every week. The patient only comes once a month to pick up medication and check up with the physician on progress.

Since starting the allergy testing at Medical Associates of Plano – about 80% of patients tested positive for allergy have opted for immunotherapy. The Dallas region suffers from many different types of allergens and is ranked in top ten in the nation for allergies.

Immunotherapy is safe and covered by most insurance. We always prequalify to be sure patient is fully covered. There is also cash option for testing and treatment.

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